Police Department

Dial 911
For Police, Medical and Fire Emergencies Only
For General Police Information use 201-569-8300

If there are any handicapped, disabled persons or special circumstances involving your residence, please print out and fill in the 911 System Questionnaire and return it to:

Englewood Cliffs Police Department
10 Kahn Terrace
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632
Attn: Chief William Henkelman

This can be added to the Police Department's computer system to aid us in dispatching the appropriate personnel to the emergency at your residence.

Alarm Systems

Listing files in 'Borough Ordinance (Police)'

All Types of Alarm Systems (Burglar, Fire, Medical)
Must be registered with the Police Department

Please print out the Alarm Registrations Form and return it to:

Englewood Cliffs Police Department
10 Kahn Terrace
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632
Attn: Chief William Henkelman

Members of the Crime Prevention Bureau offer a Free Security Survey of your residence. Included in the survey, are recommendations on securing and lighting of your home, and the selection/upgrading of various types of alarm systems.

To schedule a security survey, contact Chief William Henkelman, 201 569-8300.

In continuance with our Crime Prevention Awareness Programs, the Police Department will issue residential vehicle decals, only to those vehicles registered to your Englewood Cliffs residence. The decals are available at the Police Desk. You must produce a valid registration for each vehicle when applying. 

The decals are to be affixed on the drivers side rear window. This will enable the patrol division to know that your vehicle belongs in the area.

Report any suspicious noises, persons or vehicles immediately to the Police Department.

Please illuminate your home adequately and utilize timers on both interior and exterior to create the desired "Lived In Look."

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